Monday, July 2, 2018

Who's Late for Bed?

The sun is rising and this grumpy owl is ready to crash.
This is my "Wisdom Owl", made as a sample for my friend and fellow artist, 
Larissa Davis of Soul Path Art.
Larissa's self-guided workshop led me through a series of steps to reflect on my intentions,
and to paint assorted fabrics to use in my art quilt. Machine stitching added the detail lines.
By following Larissa's pattern, I created this creature with a bit of artistic license. 
It was a pleasure to spend some time quietly reflecting on my goals and 
bringing this grumpy guy to life. 
He needs a name.  I'm still throwing around some ideas.

Please head over to Larissa's website to see what she's doing. 
And make an owl!

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