Friday, December 7, 2018

I'm Back...Jenny Lyon's Blog Hop!

(I'm back...)

Hoooooray, It's Jenny Lyon's Blog Hop Day!

I got my hot little hands on my copy of Jenny's new book,
Free-motion Quilting from Ordinary to Extraordinary, 
when I was in Houston at Quilt Market and Festival

Due to an unforeseen delay in my studio yesterday 
...torrential rain outside..
and a lovely light shower INSIDE ...coming through my skylight..
I had to abandon ship,
pack up the ark 
and head home...

And in my haste to evacuate I forgot to bring home my 
"PLACTICE" (Jenny's term) pieces!

So I'm back...

Jenny's Book is a treasure!
I've been free-motion quilting for years but I've never attempted to use these skills 
to fill in spaces on a quilt. I use my sewing machine as a drawing tool.
I 'draw' my images from my imagination and I rarely plan a specific design. 
I doodle and I meander and I very spontaneously and intuitively stitch. 
If I do have a plan, I go off script and simply go rogue.

So, for this Blog Hop my idea was to practice a bit of self-discipline (not my super power).
Jenny's book is loaded with ideas about how to approach connecting motifs,
and where to find inspiration for designs all around us.

Since I don't make quilts from soft cottons,
 I pulled out some of my canvas scraps to "PLACTICE" on.
Jenny's idea is to Play and Practice..."PLACTICE"!

 As a warm-up, I doodled a floral design. (Just having fun)

And then, I played with making one continuous motif using a plant as an inspiration.

So much fun! And a bit addicting!
Next was to play with grids...a motif I love to use.

Again I loved the free-play. My spontaneous side took over for a minute 
and I added some little loop-de-doops. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

On to Spirals...
My first attempt is missing from my pile of samples. (sorry... no photo.)
But I needed a lot more practice.
 I knew I should back up and, as Jenny suggests, revert to drawing on paper.

I did that with some spirals and then sewed some more. Better, but again, I went rogue 
and added some loops and swirls. 
And I love it!
That's the Whole Point!

Next up are some fun star burst shapes...

And then I channeled my 12 year old self and reverted to my blob-shaped doodles.
(Hundreds and hundreds of these were made during boring lectures at school.)

I had SO MUCH FUN playing and "PLACTICING" my free-motion stitching
(and I clearly need to work on my self-discipline).

This is SO MUCH FUN!

Here's how you can have a chance to win Jenny's book.
Leave a comment here on my blog saying what your favorite thread is. 
If your ID doesn't link back to you, please leave a valid email address or way to contact you. 
I will (randomly) choose a winner on December 15, 2018.
a great place to try new free-motion quilting ideas. With minimal
investment in time and materials

A few notes about the hop:
– You can enter each day but can only win once.
– Each blogger will leave the comments open for 8 days and then will choose a winner using a random method.
– Jenny will send winners a signed copy of her book.
– If you find a blog along the way that you find interesting, sign up to receive notices of each future posting. This is a talented group!
– International winners will receive a digital copy.

The more the merrier-feel free to pass my post on to others so that we can all play along.

Here’s the schedule:

Dec 1     Jenny K. Lyon                   
Dec 2     Lisa Chin                             
Dec 3     Catherine Redford       
Dec 4     Lyric Kinard                      
Dec 5     Heidi Proffetty                
Dec 6     Debby Ritenbaugh Brown
Dec 7     Libby Williamson             
Dec 8     Barbara Black                    
Dec 9     Cindy Grisdela                  
Dec 10   Teri Lucas                            

 Click on the appropriate link for the day, make a comment, and you’ll be in the running to win a free, signed copy. Come Play!

I'm Late, I'm Late...For a very important date!

I'm late
I'm Late
For a very important DATE!

It's Jenny Lyon's blog hop
and today is my day!
But I've had a delay...

I'll be back Soon!
Please check back!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Santa Fe...Hoooooray!

Santa Fe....Part two 

After the mind blowing Meow Wolf experience
 (see previous post)
Annie Hooten and I visited the State Capital Rotunda
which was displaying a most incredible fiber art exhibit, 
Off The Wall: Mixed Media Works

 Incredible Art Quilts by Betty Busby 

 Incredible Vessels by Betty Busby

 Mixed Media Fiber Art by additional artists. 
(I'm so sorry that I don't have their names!)

A most inspiring show!
What a treat.

Meow Wolf...Out of this World!

Day three in  Albuequerque
My most wonderful hostess, Annie Hooten, 
and I spent the day in Santa Fe! 

First stop... Meow Wolf
an incredible interactive museum experience 
that is impossible to describe.

A museum like no other! 
When in Santa Fe..Don't miss it!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Dinner with Betty

One of the highlights of my visit to 
Albuquerque was dinner with Betty Busby.
Annie and Ed Hooten, my hosts, and I spent the evening 
at Betty's home, along with Betty's sister and her colleague, 
a lung transplant surgeon from the local hospital. 
We enjoyed a delicious meal,  and had a lively conversation about Hot Air Balloons, and Quilts, Quilts, Quilts!

Betty with her amazing work.

I claimed this as my party favor and wouldn't let go.

Betty and her sister, me and Annie Hooten

Lung-transplant surgeon with a quilt and a Fez! 
(the lamp behind his head!)

More of Betty's treasures!

A most wonderful evening!