Friday, September 9, 2016

Lion King, Harlem-Style

May 2015

Looking Back...

Democracy Prep
Harlem NYC


Katie, the cute kid on the left, my mom "Mimi", and me at the opening night of the Lion King.
 Katie is the principal at a middle school in Harlem and my mom has volunteered to be costume designer and maker and doer and everything else for several of the plays. 
She is just about the best volunteer and mom to ever walk the planet. This was a challenge to create the Lion King costumes for the whole school cast and it took my mom about six months working nonstop to sew these amazing costumes. Those giant animal heads were no easy task.
By luck, my cousin is married to one of the percussion musicians with the Broadway production. Robert was able to score tickets for the entire sixth grade and the rest of the cast. 
My mom got to go along as well.
In addition to attending the matinee Broadway production, about eight of the Katie's student cast members and my mother we're invited backstage to meet the Broadway cast and the costume director. 
Kind of an incredible experience!
 They got up close and personal and were able to touch the incredible costumes,
appreciate the behind the scenes activities and were shown how the costumes work.
I'm so very proud of my mom and my kid!

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